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We take children seriously 2018-02-13T18:18:52+00:00

We are in the 21st century and we no longer believe in the traditional educational system and in school subjects that have not changed for decades. Unlike in old-fashioned schools, we do not teach through facts and figures and by asking questions to test historical events but see the present and the future in searching for interconnections, causal links. Information does not need to be learnt but rather to be found and sorted according to new, previously non-existent interconnections. In addition, we focus on developing children’s best abilities so that they can feel useful, value-creating members of society through the knowledge and self-confidence acquired in this way.

What is the link between the curriculum and our categorisation? 2018-02-13T18:17:27+00:00

One of the aims of the story-based games of Cheekyheads is to reform current education, but we do not wish to ignore what has already worked well, namely the UK’s national curriculum. By involving experts, teachers and child psychologists, we have examined how we can integrate certain elements of the curriculum into our stories and games. Although we considered the topics of the subjects important, we found the interchange between them and the exploration of interconnections aiding the understanding of the different academic disciplines wanting. For this reason we have created content for our app which is worthy of the 21st century, that looks at scientific and cultural themes with a fresh eye but interprets them globally in line with current challenges. At the same time, at Cheekyheads we still believe in human values and in useable knowledge. With the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, humanity has to face ever greater challenges. It is in this world that the story-based games of Cheekyheads provide a secure handhold and give guidance.

Who are we? 2018-02-13T18:16:25+00:00

As a team of young parents, we aimed to create a real tool for parents and children alike. We set out to create a way for parents and children to bond through stories, by discovering the world together. Our app is meant to encourage children to read, going through the process of starting from letters, moving onto sentences, and then to whole stories. This is the concept upon which Cheekyheads was established.

We realized there was no real limit as to what we can accomplish together, so we put our heads together and came up with an app that covers all the bases our children need, including basic reading, math and science skills. We did all this in a way that promotes social awareness and responsibility. Our app is focused on educating the minds of tomorrow, trying the make a between world for their sake.

Child safety 2018-02-13T18:15:36+00:00

The Internet is huge, endless and uncontrollable, and children are curious. The measure of freedom that we allow them is for us to decide. It is not a question of trust but of responsibility. We at Cheekyheads are ourselves parents, so we see clearly the content we can allow children to have free access to and what in our view is harmful. Accordingly, there is no content on our website or in our app that poses a threat to children, and our own kids are using them right now.

We take knowledge seriously 2018-02-13T18:15:04+00:00

We believe in reforming education as we think that learning in the 21st century should not be tied to place or time. Educational apps are slowly replacing or at least supplementing morning classroom lessons. With the aid of portable devices Cheekyheads story-based narratives can be accessed safely anywhere at any time as we have made learning fun, removing barriers and obstacles. Lifelong learning is more important in the 21st century than ever before, and using Cheekyheads makes the usefulness of learning, knowledge and information an integral part of children’s lives from an early age.

Why? Why us? 2018-02-13T18:14:02+00:00

Why did we create Cheekyheads story-based games? The answer is simple – we don’t like most games for children. Most apps, books and games try to affect basic emotions with cute kitties, bleeping beings and harsh colours, but we think kids deserve more than that. The 4- to 12-year-old age group does not yet distinguish between having fun and learning, thus the process of acquiring knowledge occurs through play. Our developments teach children about the world around them to make them feel more at home in it, and give them knowledge they can use immediately.

What is this? 2018-02-13T18:14:28+00:00

The world in the 21st century is far more complex than the one we were born into. The availability, flow and processing of information has accelerated and changed in a way that even we who created and live in it have difficulties finding our way around. Cheekyheads is a tool that we can use to show and teach children how to behave in everyday situations, how to fit in among the millions of people so that they can boldly, confidently and successfully meet the challenges of the present and future. We have created a communication form for mobile devices, an app, which allows children to learn about the world around us and them in the way that interests them most, by having fun through stories and games.